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Forest Colour, a signature brand by ForestSecret is Malaysia’s first premium herbal, halal certified beauty brand that specialises in innovative cosmetics products. Forest Colour draws inspiration from age old beauty secrets and the rich biodiversity of Malaysian rainforest to offer GREEN beauty products to meet every woman’s aspirations and lifestyles. By GREEN, we mean – Herbal, Innovative and Halal!

Our products come with a promise to uphold the finest standards of excellence. Through extensive research and stringent product evaluation, we are dedicated to bring you skincare, makeup and fragrance ranges that are both innovative and highly effective. Vibrant colours with formulations inspired from nature and scientifically handcrafted to suit your skin and enhance your beauty. Forest Colour’s collection offers Elegant, Feminine, Trendy and Sporty looks to suit different personalities and complements every woman’s unique personality - it's instinctively you!

At Forest Colour, we are passionate about creating the most inspiring, transformative and fulfilling experience through our innovative herbal cosmetics and professional beauty consulting and artistry.


  • Innovator

    We hold ourselves to exacting standards as we lead the market, shape the herbal cosmetic & toiletry industry and support entrepreneurs while contributing to the nation’s and their economic well-being and prosperity.

  • Fresh, Natural and Zen

    Forest Colour is our gift to help restore balance to an overworked, over stressed world. We are dedicated to ensuring that our products are not only of the highest quality but are of optimum effectiveness. We do this by contributing positively to our environment and communities to ensure sustainability at the source.

  • Uniquely Global

    We are proudly Malaysian and aspire to achieve global standards. We want to be admired and respected as leaders and entrepreneurs who are able to effectively harness our biodiversity and rich heritage for local and international well-being.

  • Young and Sexy

    We have a contagious youthful energy and are dedicated to helping others retain their sense of youthfulness, their sense of wonderment and their joie de vivre (joy for life). We derive our strength from nature and are constantly inspired by nature’s abundance as an antidote to life’s demands and pressures.

  • Professional and Service Centric

    We are inspired by a higher calling to serve and to contribute in an effective way that is empowering. We strive to achieve this ideal with a sense of energy, determination and optimism. We deal with our stakeholders with enthusiasm, respect and the utmost professionalism.



We celebrate the beauty of everyone and their right to be beautiful on their own terms. We derive our strength from nature and are dedicated to everyone’s wellness and beauty inside out.


We honour the timeless traditions of our heritage.


We are passionate about designing and ensuring the sustainability of our resources. We advocate best business practices and ethics. We are dedicated to improving the livelihood of our producers through fair trade, mutual respect and through the facilitation of product development.

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